Monday, September 24, 2018

Why I want to be house captain

Hello everyone! As some of you might already know, My name is Aadi in 6AW.
So the reason I’m applying for house captain is that I think I can make a big change to our assemblies and more. And I also try my best lessons for example my friend comes and sit next to me and I know that I will be distracted so I move somewhere else. And when I do it helps a lot in my studies. I will also make a good house rep because in PE I always cheer people who are falling behind. I work well in teams and I enjoy working in teams as well!
And I always mess up but that’s good because that is how people learn, from their mistakes. I am generous and help people who are sad feel better. When I first heard what a house captain is, I got very excited then disappointed because you can only be house captain in Y6 and now I am! So its your choice to elect me or not and if you do I will be the happiest man alive so go ahead and elect who you want. And whoever gets elected I know that they will make this school a much better place for all teacher and students. And my name is Aadi Ranjan

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