Monday, October 7, 2013

What an Idea sir Ji - आदि का आइडिया

Aaditya's Class
Hello.  Today, Aaditya had another good day in our class.  He and the other children had an idea about adding something to our classroom schedule.  As of now, I have a large sized diagram with all of our daily classes - with a toy plastic frog jumping from class to class to show the kids what is classes are happening on a given day.  When the frog gets finished with his day, I allow him to jump into the water (also depicted up on our board).  But today, Aaditya had an idea, "what if we give the frog a diving board".  It was such a good idea, that I allowed him to make one out of paper.  We stuck it up on the classroom schedule diagram, and Aaditya was very proud of himself - watching the frog jump off of his diving board and into the pool.  I wonder what he would recall if you asked him about this...   
T. John

Soccer Class - Saturday 5 Oct

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