Sunday, December 2, 2018


Wrote this on 1 Dec as part of the school homework. First two para is for the attached countries and last two paras for invaders.


A battle cry,
A fearsome race,
Missiles are flying,
Must win the chase.

As tanks invade,
The people have prayed,
For peace and justice,
Must now Fade.

The clouds are black,
Blacker than ink,
The people’s lives,
Are now at the brink.

The jets throw bombs,
For their amuse,
Whom to kill,

No-one shall choose...

Monday, September 24, 2018

Why I want to be house captain

Hello everyone! As some of you might already know, My name is Aadi in 6AW.
So the reason I’m applying for house captain is that I think I can make a big change to our assemblies and more. And I also try my best lessons for example my friend comes and sit next to me and I know that I will be distracted so I move somewhere else. And when I do it helps a lot in my studies. I will also make a good house rep because in PE I always cheer people who are falling behind. I work well in teams and I enjoy working in teams as well!
And I always mess up but that’s good because that is how people learn, from their mistakes. I am generous and help people who are sad feel better. When I first heard what a house captain is, I got very excited then disappointed because you can only be house captain in Y6 and now I am! So its your choice to elect me or not and if you do I will be the happiest man alive so go ahead and elect who you want. And whoever gets elected I know that they will make this school a much better place for all teacher and students. And my name is Aadi Ranjan

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